GajaIt’s just recent that I moved to Sweden. In 2012 I came to live and work in Angsbacka Kursgord together with my boyfriend Emi.
It’s quite a big step to emigrate but it’s so worth it to reconnect to nature, a healthy lifestyle and just to simplify life. I love every bit of being part of a lively community and it feels empowering to be focussed together on contributing positively to many projects that are running here. Emi and I have a son (born in 2013), we help out in the Angsbacka cafe together on Saturdays and I tend to the plants of the community garden.

A little bit more about my background, I come from Amsterdam where I have worked as a rawfood catering chef, organized rawfood preparation classes and rawfood /yoga /detox courses. My passion with food is about both the creative processs of making something great, blending flavours and colours, then connecting together, sharing a meal. Im very fond of the rawfood kitchen, since it aims to keep things as much in a original state, lively and original ingredients.

The inspiration for me to join the Backa Friskola board is a hope for children (and my own son) to give them space to be themselves. Like all children, they have curiosity and want to explore the world, so let’s guide them, and become inspired by it, not being institutionalized. One example is the new schools in Brazil, founded by one of the worlds most renewing business man Sempler.
Learning is fun! Especially from nature there is so much to be amazed by. Nature makes our imagination come alive, and from developing the power of our imagination we can create anything. Giving children a change to discover themselves, each-other by playing in their own unique flow.