Backa Friskola startar 2018

Skolinspektionen har godkänt vår ansökan! Vi har den 18e augusti 2018 fått tillstånd att starta skola med klasserna F-9 och fritidshem i Molkom, Karlstad kommun.

Anmäl ditt barn här!

Skolans Profil:

  • Ekologisk mat och miljö
  • Utomhuspedagogik och rörelse
  • Engagerade lärare som ser varje elev
  • Små klasser och utrymme för individen
  • Ämnesövergripande och normkritisk pedagogik
  • Ett holistiskt förhållningssätt
  • NVC – Non Violent Communitcation
  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Massage, Dans, Sång, Kreativitet

Backa Förskola

Vår förskola startade i februari 2015 med 6 barn och har idag 26 barn inskrivna. Läs mer på Förskolans egen hemsida. Du som är intresserad av förskolan kan också läsa förskolans verksamhetsplan eller maila till förskolechefen på

We, some parents in Molkom, have in 2015 started an independent preschool with a focus on a sustainable lifestyle both on the inner and outer planes. Our long term goal is to also start an elementary school with the same focus. If you are interested in the preschool you are very welcome to email to the head of the preschool at and to read the preschool business plan on this website.

The school’s goal is to lay a foundation for inner health that will reflect in a healthy society. A society in which humans live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature.

Backa Friskola intends to be a safe and joyful place where children are offered opportunities to learn, grow and explore their environment, in a playful, joyful and natural way.

The school has a holistic view which means that all aspects of the human being are given space – the mental, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. With this attitude the school intends to support students to grow up as self-aware, creative and whole individuals with the ability to face life’s challenges and with the power to choose how they want to live their lives.

TillväxtSome of the school’s Guidelines:

  • Practical teaching outdoors interspersed with theoretical lessons
  • Safety, openness, cooperation, community and communication
  • Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Dance, Singing, NVC, Sociocracy
  • Cooperation with a small-scale farm where participation in the farm life provides experiences of gardening and animal care
  • Theories and techniques for a more sustainable use of the earth’s resources
  • Organic and homemade food
  • Beautiful and toxic-free school environment

If you are interested in having your child at the preschool or school please report your interest to You can use the contact form as well.